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Boxiebag Preboxed 3 Pack


Boxiebags take the reusable bag to the next level. Expand from a flat, compact and neatly storable state to a sturdy and stackable insulated box. Perfect for trips to the store, outings or quick and easy toting from one place to the next, boxiebags are going to be your new favorite find that EVERYONE will ask about.

  • REUSABLE - Boxiebag space-saving reusable shopping bags can support up to 20 lbs each, and replaces up to 6 single-use plastic bags or 4 paper bags.
  • FULLY INSULATED - Extends the temperature stability of hot, cold or frozen foods for transportation from one location to another..
  • STURDY & STACKABLE – These stand-up totes have a double folding fully velcro secured lid and will not tip over. Stack 4 -5 boxiebags in your cart, for an easy trip from the checkout line or trunk of your car.
  • FOLDABLE & COMPACT - One expanded boxiebag can hold up to 5 folded ones. Stores neatly and dependably in your car. Carry multiple boxiebags to an event or outing and store them neatly within one until you need them again.
  • VERSATILE HANDLES - Longstrap handles allow for toting with one hand. Side handles allow for easy loading in and out of car and movement around while lid is opened.
  • DIMENSIONS - 13"W X 13"H X 11" D 



Each boxiebag has a capacity of 20 lbs.

When carrying by the long handles, it is best to ensure both lids are closed and completely secured. This is what gives boxiebags their boxlike sturdiness.

If you want to move an opened boxiebag, it is best to use the short side-handles.

Do not over-stuff your boxiebag. Forcing in items that cause the sides to bulge or make the lids difficult to pull closed (regardless of weight) is too much, and it could permanently reshape or damage your bag.

If you stack one boxiebag atop the other, be sure the heavier bag is on the bottom, as full as possible, and that the lighter one is on top. Placing heavier boxiebags onto lighter ones that are not full can cause crushing.